Most of the Vitalis CBD products are registered with the National Pharmaceutical Product Index (NAPPI). This enables you to submit your purchase to your medical aid for a reimbursement on your Vitalis CBD products.

Please note that reimbursement of your purchase is dependent on your individual medical aid provider’s terms.

How to claim:

Purchase any of the following Vitalis CBD products


  • Vitalis CBD Focus – 3001898-001
  • Vitalis CBD Immune Booster – 3001899-001
  • Vitalis CBD Pain – 3001900-001
  • Vitalis CBD Sleep – 3001901-001
  • Vitalis CBD Daily Wellbeing – 3001902-001
  • Vitalis CBD Moisture Repair Cream – 3001931-001
  • Vitalis CBD Moisture Clarity Body Lotion – 3001932-001

Include the NAPPI code for your Vitalis CBD products on your receipt/invoice and submit to your medical aid within three months of purchase.

National Pharmaceutical Product Index (NAPPI) Product Suite

NAPPI is a globally unique national coding system, owned by MediKredit. This coding system covers all pharmaceutical, surgical and healthcare consumable products in RSA.

MediKredit has over the years undertaken to facilitate the adoption of NAPPI (National Pharmaceutical Product Interface) as a national electronic standard on behalf of the South African healthcare industry.